Catering Terms and Conditions

HEAD COUNT: ISLANDFEAST is responsible for serving only up to the reserved number of guests. Any extra guest may still be attended to, but only as a good-will gesture by the caterer, and only up to the physical limitation of the food service personnel. Customer is responsible for supplying items such as extra plates, extra utensils and food for guest well above the reserved amount of heads.

SERVICE LIMITATION: The catering service is only applicable for 3 hours. Customer is responsible for compensating personnel's time if extended beyond 3 hours (we recommend, but not limit to, a compensation of P50.00 per waiter/driver per hour). Putting up decoration not provided by ISLANDFEAST is also the responsibility of the customer. ISLANDFEAST is not responsible for the customer's program activities.

SERVER MEALS: Extra food has been provided to accommodate the food service personnel. Food service personnel will have their meals after guests have been served.

DELIVERY: Customer has the responsibility of making sure that sketches to their venues are precise and accurate. ISLANDFEAST is not responsible for delayed deliveries due to vague or ambiguous customer maps, closed roads/detours, and situations uncontrollable by ISLANDFEAST such as natural/man-made disasters/calamity, and public disturbances.

DISPOSITION OF LEFTOVERS: Customer has the option of keeping any extra food remaining after the initial cater service is over. Customer is responsible for providing own food storage containers. ISLANDFEAST is no longer responsible for leftovers after the initial 3-hour service nor any consequences due to its later consumption. All non-food support items brought in by the caterer such as paper tissues, floral arrangements, disposable plates/cups/utensils, denatured alcohol, and drinking straws remain the property of ISLANDFEAST. Customer does not have the right of claiming such items.

EQUIPMENT INVENTORY: Customer has the right to inventory the equipment brought in by ISLANDFEAST. While in the premises of the cater venue, customer has the right to search through the caterer's equipment and waiter's personal items. Customer forfeits this right after the caterer has departed.

BREAKAGE/LOSS OF EQUIPMENT: Customer will be charged for loss of damage of the caterer's equipment not due to handling by the food service personnel.

MENU SUBMISSION AND CHANGES: Customer must submit menus of menu changes at least 3 days before the actual catering date. ISLANDFEAST reserves the right to make menu selections and/or change menu items chosen by the customer, based on local availability of the ingredients.

SCHEDULE CHANGES AND CONFIRMATION: Changes in cater date or time of meal is subject to availability. ISLANDFEAST reserves the right to cancel the reservation if such schedule change cannot be accommodated. Customer must call to confirm reservation a day before their cater date.

CANCELLATION AND REFUND: Customer may withdraw a reservation and be refunded any applicable deposit in full if ISLANDFEAST is notified 3 days before the actual cater date. Customer forfeits the refund if withdrawn on or 2 days before the event to compensate the work already done on their reservation.

INCIDENTAL COSTS: Customer agrees to shoulder any additional costs incurred such as the delivery fee for venues beyond Lapu-lapu city, Talisay and Cebu areas. Plus porterage fee of P500.00 for venues not easily accessible by commercial vehicle or venues beyond the 2nd floor of buildings where caterer has no access to mechanical lifting devices such as elevators and escalators, plus applicable village toll charges or resort/venue entrance fees and corkages.

DEPOSIT AND COLLECTION: Customer must pay 50% deposit of the amount not later than 5 days before the catering date. Customer must pay ISLANDFEAST any remaining balance due, to include all applicable additional charges on or before the day of the event. ISLANDFEAST will charge collection and/or litigation fees plus 0.08% interest cumulative daily for unpaid balances and/or returned checks.